New Porsche hypercar due after flurry of electric launches

Published: 08 December 2022 Updated: 29 December 2022

► The Porsche hypercar will return
► Expect halo supercar later this decade
► Boss confirms the project is alive

The Porsche hypercar project – a halo model to replace the 918 Spyder – is alive and kicking, according to CEO Oliver Blume. ‘The hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy,’ be told CAR magazine in an exclusive interview.

However a range-topping supercar is not imminent, as Porsche concentrates on electrifying its range. Blume said that the project was underway but would be deployed when the time was right.

‘Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products,’ he said.We will bring a hypercar when it’s time to bring it. So hypercars will play a role for Porsche in the future. But it isn’t decided yet…’

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When can we expect the new Porsche hypercar?

Blume, who has led Porsche since 2015, said: ‘We are concentrating on electromobility, we have so many products in the next few years and then we will leverage when will be the right moment to bring it – and when we want to show cutting-edge technology. But the hypercar is always a part of Porsche’s strategy.’

The messaging suggests that we won’t see the new range-topper until the second half of the decade.

Instead of building a successor to the Porsche 918 (which was first revealed in 2013), the company will be focusing on advancing its full electric vehicle technologies – as well as electrifying its existing road-car range.

Blume has previously told CAR: ‘The battery will be the “cylinder” of tomorrow, so we still have to investigate high-power, high-density cells. We will invest in these cells, and when we have the right cell for a high-power car, then will come the point, but I don’t think about this car before the second half of the decade.

‘Before 2025, we won’t have a hypercar. Later on, it might be possible.’

Porsche hypercars: long waits, big thrills

While we’d love to see a new Porsche halo car built sooner rather than later, long waits between hypercar drinks aren’t entirely out of the norm in Stuttgart.

The Carrera GT was revealed in 2003, putting 10 years between it and the 918, while Porsche fans had to wait two full decades after the iconic 959 ceased production for another flagship to be built.

By Tim Pollard

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