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Smart video hints at new ForTwo and ForFour designs (2014)

Published: 08 July 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Good news if you cannot wait for the official launch of Smart’s two new 2014 models: a sneak preview of the new ForTwo and ForFour has been released.

The video shows off the innovations of the new models, including the ForTwo’s new ‘smile’ and wider stance, and was uploaded to the Daimler AG YouTube channel ahead of the cars’ launch in July 2014.

Smart use of design retained

It shows how the latest evolutions of Smart’s clever small cars retain features from their predecessors, such as the Tridion safety shell and wheel-in-each-corner design.

Two illustrations also suggest the silhouettes of the new ForTwo and ForFour will not be a huge departure from the originals.

However, the video does hint at the use of design points from its futuristic Forvision, Forspeed, For-us, Forstars and Forjoy concepts, which will give the styling of the new cars a revamp.

Smart Fortwo and ForFour: what we know

The new Smart ForTwo and ForFour are twinned, appropriately enough, with the latest Renault Twingo, which has switched from a front-engined design to the Smart’s traditional rear-engined, rear-wheel drive layout.

Originally, Renault itself planned a two-seat microcar version, but pulled out. However, the underlying architecture of the three models is essentially the same.

Our sources suggest the Smart ForTwo will grow a little in stature – we’re expecting it to be around 40mm longer and 13mm wider than today’s ageing city car.

The hard-top city car will arrive first, followed by a canvas-topped cabrio. See our Smart ForTwo spy photos here.

Watch the official Daimler teaser video in our player below.


By Adam Binnie

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