VW Tiguan (2015) first details of the next generation

Published: 05 April 2011

First details are starting to leak out of Wolfsburg regarding the next VW Tiguan. The compact soft-roader is due in showrooms 2015.

Hang on, haven't they just launched the new VW Tiguan?

Indeed. VW unveiled the sustantially-facelifted Tiguan with the subtle/bland (delete as appropriate) new corporate look at the 2011 Geneva motor show. But work has already begun on its replacement, due to use VW's more advanced MQB component set. 

VW Tiguan - the lowdown

Sources inside VW tell us that the Tiguan will once again spawn a long wheelbase edition for China, where there is still a substantial chauffeur-driven market for new cars. But this time around the design team are also working on greater design differentiation between a traditional off-road oriented Tiguan and a road-biased Tiguan that would lead to a high-performance Tiguan R.

VW is aiming for increased torsional rigidity and improved passive safety for the Tiguan's structure, while also reducing vehicle weight and improving fuel economy over the current model. 

The 2015 VW Tiguan's new powerplants

Much of the efficiency gains are being sought through the powertrain, where VW will utilise a new range of petrol (codenamed EA288) and diesel (codenamed EA211) engines. Expect the next Tiguan to start off with a 1.4TFSI turbocharged petrol engine delivering 140bhp, then a 2.0TFSI engine in either 180bhp or 220bhp states of tune.

On the diesel side will be 2.0TDI engines in 140bhp, and 177bhp. Waiting in the wings will be a 204bhp high-performance diesel variant and an updated seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox with improved efficiency.

What, no Tiguan for the hair shirt and Birkenstocks crowd?

Alternative-fuel powertrains are also being developed. The 2015 Tiguan is expected to be available as a hybrid, planned to be offered with either 60kW or 82kW electric motors.

I suppose we can expect small crossovers wearing everything from Skoda to Bugatti badges spun-off the next Tiguan?

Very droll. Our sources say we may see the VW Tiguan feeding into crossover projects for near-relatives Audi and Porsche, but no word on other VW Group brands making use of the Tiguan platform at this time.

By Georg Kacher

European editor, secrets uncoverer, futurist, first man behind any wheel