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2014 CAR review: six back-from-the-dead stories

Published: 26 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

 Russell Carr’s top design job at Lotus

1) Russell Carr’s top design job at Lotus

Sidelined in the loopy Dany Baha era, Lotus’s one-time chief crayon-wielder is back in charge as Hethel returns to whatever normality is.

 Jaguar E-type

2) Jaguar E-type

Reborn as the exquisite Eagle Low Drag coupe, then as Jaguar’s own strictly-’60s lightweight aluminium race-rep, both share matinee idol looks and Hollywood pricetags.

 Ford Mondeo

3) Ford Mondeo

Three ice ages after landing in US showrooms, the fourth-gen Mondeo gets to the UK. Did it swim here? Never mind the PDI check, ask your dealer for an MOT.

 Subaru’s STi badge

4) Subaru’s STi badge

Break out the boot-cuts, Subaru’s STi is back! Still a riot to drive, but it was probably exhumed only because UK sales of the lovely BRZ stiffed. Pass the Game Boy…


5) Lagonda

We’ve waited 24 years for Lagonda to follow up its last road car, and when they finally do come up with a stunner they tell us we can’t have it. Middle East only? Thanks a lot.

 Ariel’s ace bike

6) Ariel’s ace bike

Now best known for its four-wheeled Honda-powered scaffy tubes, Ariel went back to its roots (it was a bike maker in the ’50s) to create an incredible motorbike, the Ace.


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