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BMW vs Winter: CAR’s free-to-download app is now available!

Published: 17 January 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Want to know how to beat the worst winter can throw at the UK? Then download CAR’s free iPad app, which shows how winter tyres and four-wheel drive can do remarkable things on wet or snowy roads in cold temperatures. 

The free-to-download app, coming soon to Android-compatible tablet device, is available for iPad now at:
Exclusive features in our interactive BMW vs Winter special include:

• Ultimate winter tyre test: a 414bhp M3 V8 on regular all-season rubber takes on the new twin-turbo 435i wearing winter tyres in a gruelling series of handling, grip and performance challenges. The results may shock you…

• The latest all-wheel drive 330d xDrive Touring tested to the limit – by driving it up an Alpine ski run

• Extreme sports with the new X5: Steve Moody tackles a Tour de France mountain stage in the latest X5 M50d – can this 382bhp monster live the ‘outdoor lifestyle’ dream?

• Can the world’s best electric car handle a cold snap? Damion Smy outlines the measures BMW took to winter-proof its new i3 city slicker

There’s also the chance to win a BMW winter mini-break, and gain expert tuition in getting the best from your car in snow and ice. Alternatively, switch off the systems and learn to drift M3s in an Austrian winter wonderland!

Plus, we’ve packed our BMW vs Winter app in the latest advice from tyre experts on what rubber works best in which conditions, keeping you safe and on time as the rest of the country grinds to a halt in the grip of an Arctic blast.

Every feature is brought to you by the team behind CAR magazine, so you can expect the insightful, entertaining commentary matched with stunning images and HD video that puts you right in the heart of the action.

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