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Watch CAR Uncut: behind the scenes of the new issue

Published: 21 January 2018

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Welcome to our new CAR Uncut video series, as team members talk about the new issue of CAR magazine out now.

Join digital editorial director Tim Pollard, managing editor Colin Overland and editor-in-chief Phil McNamara as they take you on a backstage tour around the February 2018 issue of CAR.

They discuss the rebirth of Aston Martin, as we profile the new Valkyrie hypercar, ride in the new 2018 Vantage and drive the new, old DB4 GT. Also up for discussion is the Ford GT supercar - we find out just how close to the race car it is, by twin-testing the road car and WEC challenger around an empty track with a little help from Andy Priaulx.

Other topics up for debate include the ongoing 'crossoverification' of regular models, as we group test the new Mercedes E-class All Terrain, Volvo V90 Cross Country and the Audi A6 Allroad original, plus we attempt to rank the world's 30 most influential car designers. 

All this and more in our new CAR Uncut video. See more films like this on our YouTube channel here.

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The new February 2018 issue of CAR magazine on sale now

By James Taylor

CAR's deputy features editor, automotive design graduate, Radical champ