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Welcome to CAR magazine’s new responsive website

Published: 09 February 2015 Updated: 05 March 2015

► CAR launches all-new website
► Fully responsive to work on every device
► Perfect for phones, tablets, PCs and TVs

CAR magazine has a new website designed to work on every device – from handheld smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and widescreen TVs. Our stories and photo galleries now resize to work on every screen, making it easier than ever to keep up with the rolling news agenda.

We hope you like the cleaner design and improved functionality on Carmagazine.co.uk. Read on to find out more about the most radical overhaul of our website since it launched in 2006.

Carmagazine.co.uk has a new responsive website

We now have a fully responsive website – one of the first of its kind in the UK motoring media – which will resize every page and photo gallery to work on any screen size. On a desktop browser, try dragging the window to different sizes to see how the site rescales.

You’ll find more than 1300 new-car reviews to help you research your next purchase, incisive news and scoops of new models, unparalleled industry analysis, fun features and blogs by your favourite CAR writers. All accessible 24/7 wherever you are.

We have migrated all existing content across to the new site and you should find all our news, scoops and reviews from CAR on the new site. We aim to import all user comments in the coming weeks, so don’t worry; your comments haven’t been lost.

Likewise, stay tuned for further developments in the months ahead, as we continue to add new features. We hope you enjoy the site!

FAQ for the new Carmagazine.co.uk

Here we answer some of the most frequent questions we anticipate on our new website. Ask any further questions in the comments below and we’ll try and answer them all.

What can I expect on the new CAR website?
You’ll find all the usual news, scoops and reviews that we’ve become famous for. We’ve listened to your feedback and added more fun features too, so look out for more car culture stories in the Features section. 

How is the site structured?
We hope you’ll find the new Carmagazine.co.uk easier to navigate your way around. Hover over the navigation items (Reviews, News, Spyshots, Features etc) to see secondary sub-sections so you can drill into areas that interest you. On a touchscreen, you can tap the primary navigation once to bring up the secondary nav items.

I’m seeing error messages when I load a page
You may have a cached version of a page in your browser. Try a hard refresh Ctrl+F5 on a PC, or Apple-R on an Apple Mac machine. 

I am a regular poster on Carmagazine.co.uk. Where have all my comments gone?
Rebuilding our website has been a huge technical challenge and we are staggering parts of our release. We have the full archive of user comments and aim to re-import them to articles in the coming months.

How do I comment on stories?
We have started using the Disqus commenting system. You’ll see it at the foot of most article pages. You will need a Disqus log-in to comment on our stories, but you can also choose to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. Registration is a simple 30sec job.

How does Disqus work?
Using the Disqus commenting platform brings many advantages. You can now edit your posts and vote for the best/worst comments, creating a meritocracy of comment. Spam is much easier to filter out too. Read more about the Ts&Cs of using Disqus here.

Where is the CAR forum?
The CAR forum stopped being supported in 2013 and disappeared from our navigation. However, it still existed in the background if you knew how to find it. The traffic to our forum was never huge and although a small number of passionate users were heavy users, it became unviable to continue.

CAR magazine on social media
We have a popular presence on Facebook and Twitter, and will be joining other emerging social media platforms in due course. 

I want to leave some feedback on the new website
Excellent! Please leave your comments below and we will monitor them, reply where practicable and use the feedback to help improve the site in future.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words