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Your sneak preview of the all-new May 2015 CAR magazine

Published: 18 April 2015 Updated: 22 April 2015

► First look at this week’s new-look mag
► GBU reinvented, new tech and buying used sections
► On sale Wednesday 22 April 2015

CAR magazine is changing with this week’s May 2015 issue – introducing a fresh design, new sections and even more exciting content.

It’s our biggest overhaul in years with a crisp, modern look to showcase all the features and drives, news and insight you expect from CAR. These are the new sections we’ve added:

  • Technology section Bringing to life the exciting tech in your next car
  • New GBU! Your favourite data section is now focused on pithy verdicts on every car on sale – updated monthly
  • Icon buyer Used-car buying and owning pages, helping you realise your dreams
  • Giant test Monthly comparison tests with insightful infographics to help reveal class-leaders
  • Insider Our news pages reinvented with the best scoops, insight, people, trends and new metal

The new Tech section in CAR magazine

You’ll still find our award-winning roster of writers such as Gavin Green, Georg Kacher, Tim Pollard, Ben Oliver and Mark Walton. The same beautiful photography, cheeky attitude and amazing access that gets readers inside places other magazines cannot reach, and insight into cars the industry would rather you didn’t know about.

Find out which cars we praise and which we savage in our reinvented GBU listings, published every month. Which car did we liken to ‘a tiny insignificant speck of fluff the Mercedes C-class casually brushes from its sleeve’? And of whom did we say: ‘Sorry, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not you, it’s me. No, it is you, it’s definitely you and your crashy ride, nasty dash and inflexible engine.’

Come back on Wednesday 22 April for a full preview and more sample pages from the new issue.

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The CAR Giant Test: Tesla meets Porsche and BMW

By Phil McNamara

Group editor, CAR magazine