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2014 CAR review: 6 things we said goodbye to

Published: 25 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

 The paper tax disc

1) The paper tax disc

Tax in the post? Tax in the spam filter, more like. After 93 years in the corner of your windscreen, the humble paper tax disc breathes its last in 2014 (crappy perforations and all) as VED goes digital.

 Mercedes SLS AMG

2) Mercedes SLS AMG

Fabulously gullwinged sports car died for the second time this year, nearly 60 years after the original popped its clogs

 F1 engine noise

3) F1 engine noise

You notice it on the radio – it sounds like James Allen is reporting from his front room. Hybrid V6s suit the times, but they kill the drama.

 Sir Jack Brabham (1926-2014)

4) Sir Jack Brabham (1926-2014)

The lynchpin in Cooper’s mid-engined revolution, Sir Jack built his own F1 car and drove it to World Championship glory in 1966. He had already won the title in 1959 (the first Aussie to do so) – by pushing his car over the line after it ran out of fuel. RIP, legend!

 The prevailing opinion on US muscle cars

5) The prevailing opinion on US muscle cars

An aluminium Corvette with proper suspension? A Europe-ready Mustang without a live rear axle? We even called the Viper ‘stable, balanced and controlled’. Was this the year when America finally read the manual?

 Merc's 6.2-litre V8

6) Merc’s 6.2-litre V8

Blame emissions targets for the loss of AMG’s brilliant naturally aspirated V8 – dumped in favour of less responsive twin-turbos


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