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2014 CAR review: the year’s top motorsport moments

Published: 24 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

 Lewis & Nico in mega Bahrain scrap

1) Lewis & Nico in mega Bahrain scrap

Incredible wheel-to-wheel dice from first corner to last sees Hamilton edge polesitting team-mate

 Did Rosberg cheat in Monaco quali?

2) Did Rosberg cheat in Monaco quali?

Nico falls off at Mirabeau, forces yellow flags, scuppers Lewis’s chance of pole. Dodgy or what?

 Ricciardo claims debut win

3) Ricciardo claims debut win

Having been robbed of a podium at his home GP the popular Aussie breaks his Red Bull duck

 Williams back among F1 elite

4) Williams back among F1 elite

Last three seasons: 9th, 8th, 9th. This year: 3rd. Merc power! Martini cash! Bottas talent! Geddin!

 Formula E crash breaks boredom!

5) Formula E crash breaks boredom!

Inaugural ePrix in Beijing is a 25-lap snorefest until the last corner, when Prost punts Heidfeld

 Rosberg hits Hamilton at Spa

6) Rosberg hits Hamilton at Spa

Disaster for Mercedes as Rosberg crashes into his team-mate. A few tantrums ensue. We love it

 Audi rains on Porsche’s parade

7) Audi rains on Porsche’s parade

Back at Le Mans after 16 years, Porsche leads with three hours to go. But Audi wins. For the 13th time

 Seb Loeb wins on WTCC debut

8) Seb Loeb wins on WTCC debut

Nine-time WRC champ Loeb switches codes and only goes and wins first time out in Marrakech

 Max Verstappen: F1’s youngest

9) Max Verstappen: F1’s youngest

He’s 17, and will be driving for Toro Rosso in 2015. If he crashes, he’ll be sent to his room

 Ferrari fires Domenicali

10) Ferrari fires Domenicali

Serially underachieving F1 boss falls on his sword as new season shows his team going backwards

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