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The pocket rocket’s back: new Smart Brabus Fortwo is here

Published: 25 April 2016 Updated: 25 April 2016

► Smart Brabus Fortwo is unveiled
► Another Beijing show world debut
► 107bhp for tiny 3cyl roller-skate

Like your motoring fun in small packages? The titchy-tiny Smart Brabus Fortwo has been unveiled to the world’s media at the Beijing motor show – and it’s the most powerful factory Smart in history, the company claims.

Okay, so its 107bhp punch is unlikely to out-drag any proper GTIs: the smallest mainstream car on sale today has a claimed 0-62mph time of 9.5sec. A bit like a yappy terrier with ideas above its station then.

Small performance, big fun?

Exactly – this isn’t supposed to be a full-fat GTI by any stretch of the imagination. Smart performance has always been more leisurely; part of the fun is threading through tiny gaps in the traffic and slotting into the most impossibly small parking bays.

This one might just be travelling a bit faster when it gets there, too. The numbers of the Brabussed Smart stack up like this:

  • Engine 898cc 3cyl, 107bhp @ 5750rpm, 125lb ft @ 2000rpm
  • Acceleration 0-62mph 9.5sec
  • Top speed 103mph
  • CO2 emissions 102g/km

What other changes has Brabus wrought upon the Fortwo?

Sports suspension has been fitted to keep things nice and roller-skatey. Brabus quotes 20% stiffer damping to reduce body roll, sticky Yokohama tyres are fitted to larger rims (16in up front, 17s out back) and the ESP has been fettled to stop all that power leading to any mischief. As if.

More promising is the reputedly beefier steering and 40% quicker gearchanges from the twin-clutch auto transmission. There’s even a launch control function. Which we can only imagine will be quite hilarious to watch.

Just don’t bank on the Smart Brabus Fortwo winning any drag races at the traffic lights any time soon…

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Inside the Smart Fortwo Brabus cabin

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words