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Mercedes S-class Cabriolet in pictures: the sun lounger limo is here!

Published: 02 September 2015 Updated: 02 September 2015

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Mercedes-Benz will show its new S-class Cabriolet at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show – Daimler’s first full-size lidless limo since 1971. It’s the same car we scooped earlier this year – see our spy photos here.

The new 2016 S-class convertible is the first luxury-segment four-seater convertible since the W111 and W112 of 1961-1971, according to Stuttgart, and will pitch Merc into waters uncharted for more than 40 years, giving it a more commodious companion to the SL grand tourer sports car. 

It’s not just luxury, either; there’s a red-hot AMG S63 4matic complete with 5.5-litre V8 bi-turbo mustering 577bhp and 664lb ft. That scarcely credible 900Nm of torque helps it from 0-62mph in just 3.9sec. 

Mercedes S-class Cabriolet: the lowdown

Based on the two-door S-class coupe, rather than the four-door limousine, the cabrio will arguably be positioned against bottom-end Bentley convertibles. Which may explain why the optional LED light system comes with Swarovski crystals for the indicators and daytime running lamps. Very bling.

Merc has used aluminium and magnesium in key areas, such as the boot bulkhead, to keep weight down and stiffness up; it claims the bodyshell is no heavier than that of the S-class Coupe and it’s aero-slippery, too, with a 0.29 drag coefficient (unusually low for a soft-top).

Mercedes S-class Cabriolet: roof up

The roof opens and closes in 20 seconds and can be operated at speeds up to 40mph, says Merc. One neat detail is the Mercedes star which is hinged: it acts as the boot handle and pops out to reveal the reversing camera when the driver selects R on the auto box.

Inside the S-class convertible

The cabin photographs issued by Mercedes show a four-seater cabin with what looks like pop-up rollover protection, clean lines, rear-seat ventilation system and a cabin taken lock-stock-and-barrel from its tin-top S-class Coupe sibling. Merc has confirmed it’ll get Aircap wind blocking tech, Airscarf neck-level heating, heated charis and armrests for all four passengers and climate control to make this an all-seasons convertible. The air-con is clever enough to keep the temperature constant, regardless of whether the roof is up or down – using a dozen sensors to monitor draughts, hot spots and chills.

The company claims this is the sixth model to be spun from the S-class family, following on from the saloon, coupe and Maybach luxo derivatives. ‘Two years after its launch, the S-class family is now complete – we have never offered six models in the luxury class before,’ said Thomas Weber, R&D chief. 

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Inside the Mercedes S-class Cabriolet cabin

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