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Citroen SpaceTourer Rip Curl concept at Frankfurt 2017

Published: 11 September 2017

► Van becomes MPV becomes camper
► Rip Curl adds trendy twist, green paint
► Debut at Frankfurt 2017. Whoa, etc

Car manufacturers’ propensity for putting the names of things in capital letters may lead you to believe this new Citroen SpaceTourer concept is announcing the death of the perm (only two decades late) – but no.

It’s actually the latest collaboration between the wannabe-funky Frenchsters and surfing brand Rip Curl – and if you want to save yourself some time we can tell you right now it’s basically a four-wheel drive camper van.

But the press release is brilliantly hyperbolic, so if you can spare your attention for a few minutes longer…

What exactly is the Citroen Spacetourer Rip Curl concept?

According to Citroen, it’s ‘a totally new concept 4×4 vehicle that can go anywhere in total comfort,’ further qualified as the ‘ultimate in mobility’.

With an introduction like that and a name like SpaceTourer, it ought to be packing more rockets than Elon Musk and currently orbiting Mars.

But it’s not – it’s a camper van.

Where does Rip Curl come into this?

Apparently it had something to do with the décor – which consist of ‘an original selection of special colours and finishes’ inside and out. Fair enough. Is it supposed to remind us of a Mazda Bongo Friendee?

Anyway, the finished article is aimed at ‘outdoor adventurers’, and will be travelling across Europe with the Rip Curl team between October 2017 and January 2018 as part of the ‘Rip Curl Tour by Citroen’.

That’s throughout winter, right? We do hope the sleeping area within that pop-up roof is well insulated. Ditto the water supply for the shower…

Citroen doesn’t actually build a camper van does it?

No. The Rip Curl is based on a conversion by a firm called Possl, which takes the Citroen SpaceTourer people carrier as its starting point.

The SpaceTourer is in turn based on the Citroen Dispatch van – though it does get some slightly nicer plastics.

There is no 4×4 version of either model, so for this new concept Citroen has turned to Automobiles Dangel to provide the additional traction technology.

Far out, man. Keep an eye out for the Spacetourer Rip Curl on the Frankfurt 2017 show floor, where the concept makes its debut.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first