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Nissan GT-R European debut

Published: 04 March 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

What’s new on Nissan’s Geneva Motor Show stand?

Quite a lot actually. The GT-R stole the show when Nissan announced prices for its supercar slayer. There’ll be three models to choose from – the standard GT-R at £52,900, the Premium model at £54,200 and the Black at £55,500. From the start of April you’ll be able to order one with a £3500 deposit, either from your local dealer or online at The price announcement was backed up by news that Nissan UK – which expects to swallow 600 of the 1000 Europe-bound GT-Rs  when they start arriving in March 2009 – will set up 10 dedicated GT-R performance centres around the country to cater for owners.

Also on the stand was Pivo2, Nissan’s rather peculiar personal transporter. We saw it first at Tokyo late last year, so Geneva marks its European debut. It’s the Pivo’s advanced lithium ion batteries that are key – they’ll be used to power Nissan’s future hybrid models. And the new Murano, due here in October, also made its European entrance. But diesel fans will be disappointed to learn that they’ll have to wait for up to 18months before a derve-powered Murano arrives.

CAR highlight

The GT-R’s killer pricing, without a doubt. A sub-£53,000 car that will trounce a Porsche 911 Turbo. God bless the Japanese…

In a nutshell

Well worth a look, from the weird Pivo to the wonderful GT-R


By Ben Whitworth

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