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TMS Geneva motor show 2009 blog

Published: 05 March 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

Ok so, initial impressions, here we go!

Give Hummer the finger, get butterflies from Zonda. Disappointed by Bentley, fly past another CCX edition.

Strangely attracted by Octavia estate 4×4 [perhaps all the car the utilitarian/pragmatist would ever need], like the look of the pumped up Fabia. Polo is solid looking, solid feeling, Passat CC ‘Blue’, efficient though it is, is still behind the 320d.

Cross over balls from Nissan in the form of the Qazana, Pixo blurb reads ‘co2 is a greenhouse gas primarily responsible for the warming of the atmosphere’ like a school boy reciting lines.

Fit and finish on Insight is ok. Power train cutaway is sci-fi, even Manga good looking, I talk with one of the engineers [more on that later] he’s measured, friendly.

Special Swift Sport with 125 ps and some big alloys looks fun, Ford Iosis Max could be the genesis to a Fiesta B-max?  Skirt over Land Rover, admire the XFR, look at Morgan. Elgar’s Nimrod sooths the punters feeling the wood.

Slightly disappointed by Rinspeed, smile at girls on Citroen stand [good girl next door types] and sit in a C6. Like it.

Alfa’s cars are curvier than their girls. Shame. Mito looks better in the flesh. Good.
The most beautiful girls [run close by Idea] award goes to [drum role please]…..

Next stop Lancia, mixed bag Delta. Ford has done well with the RS. It has real Capri V6/4I/Cosworth presence. As does the EX200. It really has got charisma. I wanted to hate it. I cant.
E-class ties with the A6 for feel and finish. Audi 1. Mercedes 1.
Fisker; Will they make it?

Mildly interesting Dacia Duster concept, mildly surprising IS250 convertible.

Insignia follows usual trend in looking more resolved as an estate. Just catch the Opel Ampera unveiling. Surely this is the next stage.
Check out Brilliance and find myself thinking they’re not terrible. Ha.

Cadillac CRX is a mess, my goodness I WANT A QUATTROPORTE GTS. YES. YES I DO.

Elegant mature totty [shouldnt really use that word] on Dr stand. That’s rehashed Toyotas to you and me. Bored by Infiniti, get another look at the Pagani cinque – almost lose bowel control. Perv on Lamborghini cars/girls, find coffee, annoy waitress, file first report.