Morgan EV3: new details of electric three-wheeler revealed

Published: 19 December 2017

► All-electric Morgan three-wheeler revealed
► Range of 150 miles; 0-62mph in 9.0sec
► Production of the EV3 starts in late 2016

Remember when Morgan pulled the covers off its steampunk-inspired EV3 electric three-wheeler? Morgan has revealed some new details after the production car’s initial reveal back at the 2016 Geneva motor show.

Morgan has revealed a new technical partner for the electric three-wheeler’s powertrain: Frazer-Nash Energy Systems.

What does that mean for the EV3? Morgan says that the electric drive system ‘will have greater performance with rapid charging technology, proven reliability, a lower centre of gravity and greater acceleration over and above what was previously expected.’

Pricing still isn’t known yet, but Morgan confirms that the EV3 will (finally) start production in ‘Q3 of 2018’, or in other words autumn. Keep reading for everything else we know so far.

Gimme some performance and range specs!

Underneath the distinctly retro-looking exterior is a 62bhp water-cooled electric motor, which drives the rear wheel only – as per the conventional 3 Wheeler. Power comes from a 21kWh lithium battery pack, which is encased in the Morgan’s tubular chassis.

In 2015 Morgan had revealed a prototype of the EV3 but a fair amount has changed for the production version, including restyled bodywork and an EV-specific interior and dash.

Morgan EV3 detail

Morgan states a range of 120 miles, which should prove more than enough for most. It trails the petrol 3 Wheeler in the straight-line acceleration stakes, though; Morgan says the EV3 takes ‘less than’ 9.0sec to accelerate from 0-62mph, whereas the 82bhp, 1983cc V-twin petrol version takes 6.0sec.

You’ll be out of luck on the Salt Flats, too, topping out at 90mph – whereas the S&S-powered 3 Wheeler will run on to 115mph. Still, on the plus side, you’d be able to fire up the EV3 at the crack of dawn and sneak out for a quick blat without causing any aural anguish to your neighbours.

Both weigh a similar amount, mind – 500kg for the EV3, 525kg dry for the petrol variant. The EV3, however, is the first Morgan to feature composite carbon panels – the bonnet, side pods and tonneau cover – while the remainder are formed from aluminium and suspended from the same ash frame.

What’s going on with the grille?

It’s not just for looks – those are solid brass bars up front; they surround the battery and provide cooling. Other exterior changes, compared to the petrol-powered 3 Wheeler, include the distinctive off-centre headlight – which reminds us vaguely of the old P4-generation Rover 75 –  and low-slung running lights.

Morgan EV3 front

Inside you’ll find a digital display in the instrument panel, displaying range and charge, alongside a conventional speedometer. The EV3 gets a neat drive selector switch, reminiscent of an aviation magneto switch, too.

Bet it’ll cost me a pretty penny.

You’re not wrong. Exact pricing hasn’t been announced for the new Morgan EV3, but the company says it will be cost a comparable amount to the regular 3 Wheeler. So, expect to part with around £30k for an EV3 when the car goes into production in autumn 2018.

2016 Morgan EV3

By Lewis Kingston

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