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New Alfa Romeo Giulia spec secrets: still want that 3-series?

Published: 07 March 2016

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The cooking and common Alfa Romeo Giulia models were confirmed at the 2016 Geneva motor show, providing a glimpse of how the Italians hope to poach business users and families away from their default 3-series, A4s, C-classes and XEs.

The new Giulia, which replaces the 159 in Alfa’s line-up, arrives in right-hand drive form in September 2016, a few months after left-hookers. Left-hand drive production is due to start in March.

Until now, Alfa has only shown the new Giulia in Quadrifoglio form – but now it’s confirmed more details, including a 99g/km CO2 diesel version in the works. Read the full story on the Cloverleaf here.

The cooking or garden Alfa Romeo Giulia: the specs

The engine choice for the common Giulia models looks like this:

  • 2.2-litre 4cyl turbodiesel 148bhp @ 4000rpm, 280lb ft @1500rpm, 137mph, 0-62mph 8.4sec (8.2sec auto)
  • 2.2-litre 4cyl turbodiesel 178bhp @ 3750rpm, 332lb ft @ 1750rpm, 143mph, 0-62mph 7.2sec (6.8sec auto)
  • 2.0-litre 4cyl petrol turbo 197bhp @ 5000rpm, 243lb ft @1750rpm, no performance figures available yet
  • 2.9-litre V6 petrol 507bhp and 443lb ft (no engine speeds available), 190mph, 0-62mph 3.9sec

The latter powers the Quadrifoglio and features cylinder deactivation to cut emissions, although no CO2 figures have yet been quoted. Alfa has confirmed, however, that a 99g/km version of the high-power diesel is on the cards.

All three engines are made entirely of aluminium; it’s the first time an Alfa diesel has used an all-alloy block. Eight-speed automatic transmissions are available and these models get a hefty torque uplift on overboost, accounting for the nippier acceleration claims above.

The engineering details

The Giulia is claimed to be lightest in its class, with a carbonfibre driveshaft on all models and aluminium used extensively throughout the car: for instance, the doors, wings, brakes and suspension components are all made of aluminum across the range. The wheelbase is also longest in class and the boot stands at 480 litres in capacity.

Six pearls of wisdom on the Alfa Giulia by Sergio Marchionne

Alfa Romeo Giulia: on UK sale by September 2016

The 178bhp diesel model weighs in at 1374kg (dry), or 1449kg with fluids onboard. Alfa raids the composites cupboard some more for the Quadrifoglio – with a carbonfibre bonnet, roof and spoilers, keeping its dry weight pegged to 1524kg. Enough for a 335bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio and some M3-troubling pace.

Handling should be boosted by a claimed 50:50 weight distribution. Front suspension is by double wishbones and the rear wheels are suspended by a four-arm multi-link set-up – standard on all models. The steering is claimed to be the most direct of any compact exec rival, with a ratio of 11.8:1.

Alfa Romeo Giulia specs and equipment in the UK

  • Giulia Available with 2.0 petrol and diesel engines: 16in alloy wheels, LED rear lamps, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, 6.5in touchscreen, lane departure warning, collision warning systems
  • Giulia Lusso Available on 2.0 models: adds full-grain leather trim, electric, heated seats, wood trim, xenon headlamps
  • Giulia Sport Available on 2.0 models: adds sports steering wheel, aluminium interior trim, xenon headlamps
  • Giulia Quadrifoglio 19in alloys, xenon headlamps, sports seats, leather and Alcantara trim, sports steering wheel, carbon seats, ceramic brakes, Chassis Domain Control (CDC) to tailor engine, suspension, torque vectoring and active aero

It’s also our first proper look inside the cabin of regular Alfa Guilia models. Different spec models get a 3.5in or 7in colour instrument pack and it feels a premium, Alfa-style experience, although some of the cars we sat in at Geneva felt a little more like Volvos with their blonde Scandinavian woods and trims.

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia cabin

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