SsangYong's double whammy at Geneva: Tivoli SIV-2 concept and XLV revealed

Published: 02 March 2016 Updated: 02 March 2016

► SsangYong shows off new SIV-2 concept 
 New, more practical Tivoli XLV unveiled
► Both on display at the Geneva motor show

It’s a busy Geneva Motor Show for SsangYong, which lifted the covers on its SIV-2 concept vehicle and new Tivoli XLV.

SsangYong unveiling two new cars at the show is perhaps a sign of the times; it’s a brand with fast-rising sales, up 117% in 2015, albeit up to just 3300 in the UK. Mind you, that’s nearly as many as Subaru sold here.

Previously, before the cars were unveiled at the Swiss auto salon, SsangYong had only released a few renderings of both. 

Glimpse the future with the SsangYong SIV-2

This concept is all about SsangYong’s future model range – and it predictably features a hybrid powertrain, which use a 1.5-litre, direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine and a 10kW electric motor. Styling-wise, it adopts the front-end look of the Tivoli but features thinner headlights, plus it adds some new facets such as a floating roofline.

Inside it’s the usual concept car fare, from the wood flooring to speakers mounted within the bucket seats and lights that respond to your music. It’s unlikely much of this will make it into an actual vehicle you can buy, but you can’t ignore SsangYong’s previous form on converting concepts into production cars.

Haven’t we seen the Tivoli XLV before?

Indeed, but in concept form. SsangYong displayed an early iteration of the XLV at the Frankfurt motor show last year, called the XLV Air. Spurred on by its favourable reception, the company’s decided to put it into production

Boiled down, the Tivoli XLV is basically a Tivoli with a bigger boot – a much bigger boot, in fact. SsangYong claims it offers up 720 litres of storage space and is able to swallow pushchairs, bikes or a drum kit. For comparison, a standard Tivoli packs a 423-litre boot.

The first part of the production version’s name should ring a few bells, too – 64,000 Tivolis have been sold around the world and while it’s hardly a volume seller in the UK, you’ve probably read the reviews or seen the adverts. That should help give it a bit more recognition when it comes to market.

SsangYong Tivoli XLV

What does it share with the Tivoli?

The platform, for a start – although it has been slightly tweaked. The XLV features the same 260cm wheelbase as the Tivoli but it’s been slightly stretched behind the rear axle, increasing room.

On offer is a 1.6-litre diesel with 113bhp and a 1.6-litre petrol with 126bhp. SsangYong reckons on CO2 emissions of around 117g/km and 159g/km respectively. Drivetrains will include two- and four-wheel drive, and six-speed manual or automatic transmissions, although exactly what we’ll get in the UK hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The styling and interior design won’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the Tivoli, and the XLV features a similar kit list – including seven airbags.

SsangYong’s Tivoli XLV will be launched across Europe in May. Official prices haven’t been announced but expect to pay a small premium over the Tivoli’s asking price of £13k.

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SsangYong SIV concept

By Adam Binnie

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