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The top ten hits of the 2016 Geneva motor show

Published: 11 March 2016

► The most popular cars at Geneva 2016
► From 1480bhp Chiron to 114bhp Q2
► Alfa Romeo Giulia strikes a chord

In a few days’ time, the 2016 Geneva motor show will draw to a close. Soon the dust will have settled, the stands will have been packed away and the concepts carefully disassembled and shunted into storage crates never to be seen again.

What really grabbed the attention of the crowds this year, though? Well, we’ve trawled through our analytics to find out which were the most popular cars at the show. Read on to see what topped the tables out of all the concepts, supercars and new metal unveiled. 

10) Techrules TREV (above)

Did you expect a new supercar company’s seemingly spurious concept to be so popular? Truth be told, neither did we. Perhaps it was the amount of technical detail that added a sense of realism to the TREV, prompting more interest, or maybe the combined output of 1030bhp and its microturbine-charged powertrain was the real hook.

Skoda Vision S

9) Skoda Vision S concept

It might be another MQB-based SUV akin to the new Tiguan and Ateca, but that didn’t stop Skoda’s Vision S concept garnering plenty of attention. Its six-seat set-up and punchy 221bhp hybrid powertrain proved notable highlights, as did its passenger-side media display.

Audi Q2

8) Audi Q2

Where there’s a niche, there’s another Audi variant. Yup, the compact Q2 crossover sits below the Q3 in the company’s line-up – and leaves room for an even more diminutive Q1. The Q2 doesn’t lose any of the brand’s hallmarks in the reduction process, though; it’s still available with quattro, a range of turbocharged engines and a battery of modern tech.

Tesla Model X

7) Tesla Model X

The Model X has been around for a while now but it never fails to generate an awful lot of discussion – devout Tesla enthusiasts go toe-to-toe with EV haters and the comment thread runs and runs. That aside, this is also a six-seat SUV that can sprint from 0-62mph in 3.2sec. Take that, so-called ‘peformance SUVs’.

Porsche 911R

6) Porsche 911R

It’s naturally aspirated, manual and lighter than other Carreras – what more could an enthusiast ask for? Well, perhaps for more than a handful to be available, and for them not to cost £137k. Still, we’re glad it exists – all 493bhp of it. 

Honda Civic prototype

5) Honda Civic prototype

Apparently this is what the tenth-generation, British-built Honda Civic is going to look like. As you can imagine, the looks have understandably proven a prominent talking point. What happened to the light, elegant Hondas of old?

Lamborghini Centenario

4) Lamborghini Centenario

A brash, 760bhp salute to founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was unveiled at the Geneva motor show – and it was among the most popular cars on display. Not the most elegant of Lamborghinis, and perhaps not the most fitting of tributes, but we wouldn’t say no to hearing it at full chat. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia

3) Alfa Romeo Giulia

News of a sub-100g/km diesel version of the Giulia generated fresh interest in Alfa’s new saloon – but concerns about the lack of a mainstream six-cylinder version are still drifting around. Well, that and whether it’ll actually be any good. Time will tell.

Aston Martin DB11

2) Aston Martin DB11

A twin-turbo V12, 600bhp and a claimed 0-62mph time of 3.9sec? All factors, in conjunction with sharp styling and that evocative badge, that drove the DB11 into second place in our Geneva top 10. Here’s hoping the force-fed V12 delivers the goods, and that the DB11 stacks up elsewhere, too.

Bugatti Chiron

1) Bugatti Chiron

You guessed it – the Chiron was by far the most popular car of the show. It won’t come as a surprise; this is a 261mph-capable supercar that packs 1480bhp street–legal horsepower into a finely detailed multi–million pound frame. Glorious excess, an engineering marvel or a complete irrelevance? You decide. 

What really caught your eye at the show? Have your say in the comments below. 

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