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Pininfarina H600: the Tesla-rivalling limo from Hong Kong, via Italy

Published: 09 March 2017 Updated: 09 March 2017

 Pininfarina H600: an electric luxury saloon
Extremely powerful hybrid turbine powertrain
Revealed at the 2017 Geneva motor show

Ever wondered what a Tesla packed off to Italian charm school would look like? Something like this svelte Pininfarina H600, we suspect.

Unveiled at the 2017 Geneva motor show, it’s a new collaboration between the fabled Italian design house and Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Hong Kong-based technology group specialising in electric cars.

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Pininfarina has signed a trade agreement with HK to assist with the development of a new electric car, from concept to engineering development and production validation. This show car is our first preview of the potential end result.

The collaboration agreement is a 46-month deal, reportedly worth around €65m.

Pininfarina's HK H600 concept

What do I need to know about the H600 concept?

It’s huge on the outside – this is a very big car, 5200mm in length, with a tall roofline and expansive, clean body surfaces.

It’s huge on the inside – enough legroom to do the can-can, with a distinctive floating seat design and large display screens everywhere. No B-pillar and rear coach doors show them off to best effect, and aid access.

It’s got an 800bhp hybrid powertrain that giant grille isn’t just a style statement. It feeds air to a micro-turbine, which acts as a range extender to provide additional power to the motors and battery when they’re running low on juice. Optimum range is estimated to be over 620 miles in extended range mode.

It’s jolly fast (theoretically, at least) – the H600’s creators reckon on a 2.9sec 0-62mph time. Multiple electric motors deliver maximum power of more than 600kW, driving all four wheels.

It’s not the only Pininfarina at Geneva…

Indeed not. Check out another fascinating concept from the Italian designers in the shape of the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo supercar by Fittipaldi Motors.

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Pininfarina's HK H600 concept

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