Toyota i-TRIL Concept at the Geneva motor show

Published: 20 February 2017

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► Is this what we’ll all be driving in 2030?
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Toyota loves a good far-reachingly futuristic concept car - and it’ll deliver just that at the 2017 Geneva motor show.

The new i-TRIL concept car points to what the Japanese think we’ll be driving in just over a decade’s time - it’s designed to replace city cars and superminis. 

Specs, news and information of the Toyota i-TRIL

Steady on. Hardly anything has been confirmed for the new concept car, bar this teaser photograph, which portrays a compact, heavily stylised front end with the Toyota X facial graphic turned up to 11.

This is a proper world debut and we know the car was designed in Europe at the French styling studio outside Nice to showcase Toyota’s vision for urban motoring in Europe in 2030.

It’s electric-powered, obviously, and has an unusual 1+2 seating layout.

A bit like a McLaren F1?

Kind of, in a more utiliatarian, egalitarian fashion. The i-TRIL will also lean in to corners like a motorbike, a bit like the earlier i-Road concept car’s Active Lean technology.

‘It has been developed as a viable alternative to city cars, small hatchbacks, other all-electric EV models and motorcycles for people who still want to have fun when driving, even at slower, urban traffic speeds,’ says Toyota.

Sounds bang on trend to us.

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By Tim Pollard

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