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Ford at the London motor show 2008

Published: 23 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

London motor show video

Ford’s stand is one of the undisputed highlights at this year’s London motor show, with something for visitors of all persuasions. Like hot hatches? They don’t come much hotter than the new Focus RS, a 296bhp rocket that looks set to rip up the hot hatch rulebook. Prefer your cars to be more parsimonious? Then the Fiesta Econetic manages a saintly 98g/km of CO2 and 76mpg. Something for everyone.

What’s new on Ford’s London motor show stand?

Motor show visitors on the Blue Oval’s stand are greeted by ad after ad announcing the new Fiesta, with choice quotes from all the motoring titles. ‘Stunning,’ said CAR Magazine, apparently. And, yes, it is.

Amazing to think back to Paris 2006 – the new Mondeo wasn’t in production and the Kuga was only just being revealed as the outlandish Iosis X concept. Less than two years later and designer Martin Smith’s Kinetic Design grand plan is almost fully formed: S-Max, Mondeo, facelifted Focus and new Fiesta are all out there. Pretty much all of the Ford range now looks modern, dynamic and very stylish – leaving the C-Max looking badly in need of a re-fresh.

CAR’s Ford highlight

Seeing the new 296bhp Focus RS in the metal for the first time. It’s great to see Ford playing on its loud and lairy RS heritage – and that lime green, RS1600-inspired paint job could make production, we hear. We’re driving the RS in December 2008, so stay logged on for all the latest on the hotshot Focus.

What were they thinking?

Even with six new Fiestas on display, Ford’s elevated main stage area still looked a little sparse, while the Focus RS was much less prominent. Our take? Focus RS on the main stage – it’s a world debut after all – flanked by the best RS models through the years.

In a nutshell

The London show’s most exciting debut? It gets my vote.

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CAR reader reports

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What surprised me most on the Ford stand?

We might have all been looking forward to seeing the new Focus RS, but the Fiesta took centre stage. Alesha Dixon did the unveil with a song and dance routine in front of the Fiesta Zetec S – shame that the bonnet catch appeared to be broken…

Forget the PR spin: What’s the real story?

Ford are falling over themselves to demonstrate how green they are, with Econetic versions of the new Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo. The Fiesta Econetic emits an impressively low 99g CO2/km, but costs £11,845. Ford should be working to make these fuel-saving features standard across the range.

Reader verdict?

Worth a visit to see the new Focus RS, which looks great even in that colour. And see for yourself what you think of the new Fiesta – it’s more interesting than its plain predecessor, but to me looks a little fussy and overdone, especially inside. And the plum trim option is hideous.

There’s also football-related fun on the stand if you need a break from all the motors!

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