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Kia at the London motor show 2008

Published: 23 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

London motor show video

Expansionist Kia shows no sign of slowing down its forays into the European car market – and the London show provides more evidence of what’s to come from the Koreans.

What’s new on Kia’s London motor show stand? 

Nothing. But the Kia people are proffering photos of the new production Soul, set to make its show debut at Paris in autumn 2008. Also of interest (sort of) are the Kee sports coupe concept and the ex-cee’d cabrio concept (where do they get the daft names?).

CAR’s highlight?

The three Soul concept cars that give a good indication of the production Soul – a Fiesta-sized hatch that looks like an urban SUV. Think smaller Qashqai and you get the picture. It’s a chunky five-door front-drive vehicle that aims to put some emotion into bargain basement Kia brand.

What were they thinking?

The gold trim on the Soul Diva concept – gold door handles, alloys and roof rails. Straight out of a Bahrain shopping mall and perfect with that fake gold Rolex. Fortunately, it won’t be offered for production.

In a nutshell

Further signs of progress from the Koreans.

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By Gavin Green

Contributor-in-chief, former editor, anti-weight campaigner, voice of experience