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Lexus at the London motor show 2008

Published: 23 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

London motor show video

There was a performance bent on the Lexus stand, proving that Toyota’s upmarket premium brand is keen to shed its image as a purveyor of steady-Eddy, high-luxury but low-on-thrills cars.

What’s new on Lexus’s London motor show stand?

The seen-it-before LF-A and the on-sale-now hotshoe IS-F – as well as its full line-up of hybrid models. We’re getting rather accustomed to seeing the LF-A – the Lexus supercar has been knocking around in one form or another since it was unveiled at the Detroit motor show in 2005. Which means it either has to let rip with the road-going version pretty soon, or else people’s interest in this 200mph V10 supercoupe will quickly evaporate.

CAR’s Lexus highlight

Take a good look at the IS-F because with only 150 earmarked for the UK, it will be a pretty rare beast indeed. We’ll let you know what it’s like living with one – Chris Chilton has just taken one on as a long-term test car, and our first web report will be up soon.

What were they thinking?

The LF-A is still a crowd-pulling bit of eye-candy to have on the Lexus stand, as is the slammed and bulging IS-F. But these two lookers aside, the Lexus display looked a little bare and bereft of glamour.

In a nutshell

Well worth a detour to look at Lexus’s Aston Martin-basher – and its take on the muscle saloon.

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CAR reader reports

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Official – I’m a rubbish rookie journalist

‘Here’s my card. Email me any questions and then I can get back to you with the precise details.’ Not a verbatim quote but you get the gist. I tried again but my subtle probing on IS facelift and a diesel engine gearbox combo that worked saw me fobbed off again and invited into the opulence of the LS 600hl instead, to enjoy a massage  and pleasing vibrate.

Well there is the IS-F to talk about

Well there would be if I’d got any real information. Apparently a bit faster than the M3 but the real appeal is the Brand associations. What? Apparently buyers are persuaded by the subtle exterior, speed but most of all because of the dealer network, reliability, and JD power scores. Yeah that’s what an M3 buyer wants.

Conclusion from the confused

I am reliably informed that there is only one press ISF with a monster waiting list and that is the issue. There is no big story because they have no cars. The LS is all sold out thanks to its “car to be seen in” status amongst self aware CEO’s and the IS-F has that monster waiting list. No wonder Lexus does so well in the JD power reports, there dealers must have time on their hands.

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