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Mini at the London motor show 2008

Published: 23 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

London motor show video

Mini went ‘all intellectual’ on us with a university theme to its London stand on account of its Oxford connections. It also served up some quality crumpet (more of which later)…

So what’s new on Mini’s London motor show stand?

The ultimate Mini – the John Cooper Works version – went on sale on press day of the London motor show, offering 208bhp, 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds, a 148 mph top speed and a cool body kit. Click here for CAR’s first drive of the JCW hot hatch.

The £20,995 JCW hatch is the first of many planned JCW-badged Minis, with a Convertible version tipped for an unveil at the Detroit show in January 2009 and a Clubman JCW to follow in the same year with a similar price premium over existing models of about £1500.

CAR’s Mini highlight

Aside from the JCW car, the stand’s university theme made it one of the more original at the event. A wall display in a neat graphic periodic table style showed all Mini’s customisable options alongside two computer screens where punters can spec up their dream Mini online. Crumpets dripping with Marmite served up on a black slate (press-day only I’m afraid) was a genius British-themed touch too.

What were they thinking?

Along the right lines again as usual.

In a nutshell

The John Cooper Works badge – now fully absorbed into Mini – looks set to be another successful extension for the brand that can seem to do no wrong.

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CAR reader reports

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And now read CAR reader reporter Carcare’s review of the Mini stand. Be sure to ‘Add your comment’ afterwards and rate their efforts.

Confessions first…

I don’t like the Mini. I can’t believe the bubble hasn’t burst with residual values despite my constant doom mongering that poppage was any time soon. I have also forwarded all the gags about the Clubman’s odd suicide door being a ploy to kill our children. I don’t even get the JCW cars.

Time to change my mind?

However a long chat with the head of Mini used car re-marketing was starting to make some sense of the success, though even he admitted to not completely understanding why the car performs so well.

Fundamentally the success seems to be based on an alluring mixture of fun and feel good driving ingredients mixed with generous amounts of consumer product confidence.

Mind made up then

The stand is loud and fun just like the brand. But, wait. As I read back what I’ve written I realise I’ve been the victim of some Jedi mind trick. There isn’t any real substance to this cars continued success its evil work from the dark side. Mark my words the bubble will burst soon.

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