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Subaru at the London motor show 2008

Published: 22 July 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

London motor show video

It’s the British motor show – so we were banking on Subaru pulling off some outrageous Impreza versions. Sure enough, the UK importer didn’t disappoint, with a (quite literally, we suspect) handful of madcap Scoobys aimed at those drivers for whom power is utterly addictive.

What’s new on Subaru’s London motor show stand?

Quite a lot really – three new power-laden UK-only Impreza models. Dubbed the S Range, these limited-edition models are a direct response from die-hard Impreza fans for a model with sharper teeth. The range kicks off with the 255bhp S, which is fitted with a Prodrive performance pack and £4500 worth of extra gear, but at £22,855 is only £2500 more than the standard WRX. It’s followed by the STi 330S and topped by the 380S. Plenty of choice, then,  but it seems that Subaru is following the fiendishly complex model structure set by Mitsubishi with its Evo range…

CAR’s highlight

The bonkers Subaru Impreza 380S with, yes, you’ve guessed it, 380bhp. It’s a full Prodrive rebuild job and should be the closest thing to a full WRC works car money can buy. Expect it at the end of 2008 with a £40,000 price tag.

What were they thinking?

Subaru is thinking smart with these limited edition cars – with their power upgrades, brassy styling and Prodrive link – they inject some much-needed dynamism and intent into the pig-ugly WRX range.

In a nutshell

Fast, frisky and very blue WRXs – Scooby doing what it does best.

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What surprised me most on the Subaru stand?

The surprising number of new models… alongside the new Forester, there’s new fast Imprezas – a new WRX-S with 250bhp for £22,500, a new 330bhp version of the STI, and possibly a 380bhp one to come, if show reaction is favourable. The new boxer diesel will expand across the range during 2008.

Forget the PR spin: What’s the real story?

That boxer diesel has come not a moment too soon for Subaru. Although the Forester is at the show, until the diesel version arrives in the autumn there is almost no point marketing it. Fortunately, the new engine has had much more favourable reaction than the Impreza has.

Reader verdict?

The new Forester looks much more like a traditional SUV, but still feels car-like inside. The rest of the range is much as it was… any bets on when the Impreza facelift is due?

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