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No added go, but more show: facelifted 2016 Toyota GT86 revealed

Published: 25 March 2016 Updated: 25 March 2016

► Facelifted Toyota GT86 revealed in New York
► Light cosmetic, interior and chassis tweaks
► No added power; on sale late 2016

The rear-drive Toyota GT86, a car highly regarded by keen drivers but overlooked by pretty much everyone else, is receiving a light update for 2016.

While the existing flat-four coupe is hardly undesirable, it’s now been around since 2012 – so a light tap with the modernisation stick should serve to make it a more tempting proposition to potential buyers.

So what’s new outside?

Toyota’s fitted a larger central front air intake, giving the GT86 a more aggressive look, while the front bumper and lights have also been overhauled. Smart ten-spoke alloys complete the new look.

Minor tweaks, admittedly, but it does help the GT86 look a little more modern – although slightly less chiselled than before.

Will it be faster than its predecessor?

We’ll have to wait until we drive a facelifted car; Toyota says that the dampers and springs have been recalibrated, in order to deliver ‘easier control and increased agility’.

If you’ve always been of the mindset that the GT86 was a bit lacking in the trouser department, then the facelifted edition won’t change your opinion – the 2.0-litre boxer is unchanged. That means 197bhp, 151lb ft and a 0-62mph time of 7.6sec.

Fortunately, the aftermarket support for the GT86 is excellent, including bolt-on supercharger packages and more from the likes of Cosworth. If you really feel it needs more power, then there are plenty of options out there.

When will it be available?

Toyota says the facelifted GT86 will be on sale towards the end of the year. Final pricing is yet to be announced, but we’d be surprised if it deviates significantly from the current range-topping version’s asking price of £25,000.

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2016 Toyota GT86

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