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Mitsubishi Evo X world premiere

Published: 15 October 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

What do you mean, world premiere?

Yes, we weren’t quite sure either but the Australian International Motor Show was in fact the world premiere of the new Mitsubishi Evo X. No, not Frankfurt to build sales in the European markets, or Tokyo where the car is a Japanese legend, but Sydney. Don’t take that the wrong way though. Being so close to Asia the Australian market has a great affinity for all turbocharged, four-wheel drive rally replicas.

So what’s special about the new Mitsubishi Evo X?

The 4B11 2.0-litre is the first all-new engine since the Evolution was introduced, a direct-acting valvetrain in place of the previous 4G63 engine’s roller rockers reducing weight, with MIVEC on both the intake and exhaust camshafts (the Evolution IX’s 4G63 MIVEC acted on intake only). A stainless exhaust manifold and more efficient exhaust system feature a larger-volume main muffler, although power outputs allegedly remain at the Japanese ceiling of 276bhp. You can have a manual gearbox or Mitsubishi’s new twin-clutch SST system. And there’s all the usual Evo USPs; trick four-wheel drive, Brembo brakes, Recaro sets, Enkei alloy wheels, and thanks to Subaru’s own efforts, Impreza-besting looks. And for the full first drive of the Mitsubishi Evo X click here