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Lexus RX450h hybrid unveiled at LA Auto Show

Published: 20 November 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Lexus showed off the new RX450h hybrid at the LA Auto Show – and when the car comes to the UK in 2009, it will be a hybrid only range with not a smokey petrol-only model in sight.

Are you sure you haven’t been tricked? The ‘new’ RX looks the same to me!

While the looks of the latest version of Lexus’ luxury 4×4 haven’t changed much, rest assured that this is indeed the new model.

I hope they’ve changed the interior. The old RX’s wasn’t great…

You’re in luck. Lexus has obviously made a big effort to change the RX’s cabin and the result, while of high quality, may just divide the jury. It’s very modern…

Why is Lexus selling hybrid only RXs in the UK?

Wake up! Sales of 4×4 have plummeted recently because of high taxes and previously soaring oil prices. It’s no wonder Lexus sells 94% of its RX models in hybrid guise. You don’t need a calculator to work out the reasoning behind their decision.

The fact that Lexus is now on its second version of its 4×4 hybrid shows us how seriously it takes this hybrid business. Expect the new car to improve on the current RX400h’s figure of 35mpg, as well as bettering its performance.