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Pontiac Sport Truck

Published: 20 March 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Pontiac is going to have a tough time trying to stop its 2010 Sport Truck being called the El Camino. From the B-pillar forward its Pontiac G8, but on the back there’s a 6ft pick-up bed and the suspension has been beefed up to the take the expected loads and tows. Under the bonnet is the same 6.0-litre V8 used in the G8 GT, delivering 361bhp and 385lb ft, but Active Fuel Management and a six-box auto ‘box should keep the as-yet unstated fuel economy affordable. Inside the cabin has all the creature comforts of the saloon, although someone forgot to design a stylish interior to go with the cool exterior profile.

Pontiac is running a competition to name the truck on its website, closing date April 15, but a wag from a humorous automotive site was already giving out buttons saying ‘Vote El Camino!’ When we ask, Bob Lutz tells us he likes the name, but it’s a Chevrolet moniker. So are they saving it for the Chevy version? No he says: ‘That was the old GM where everyone got everything. We’re not going that way. This is for Pontiac only.’

When the truck goes on sale towards the end of the year, we’re promised it will be ‘affordable’, and Pontiac expects to sell around 10,000. The production is limited, but it’s only limited to how many people want to buy. A V6 model will also be offered later.