Salon Privé 2010 picture gallery

Published: 27 July 2010

Just spent a fabulous weekend at the world’s most luxurious car event. Salon Privé is held at the The Hurlingham Club in London, and is now the UK’s most luxury supercar and Concours d’Elegance event to date.

Now in its fifth year, the event continues to grow, with 30% more visitors in 2010. And it’s no place for the faint-of-wallet – visitors are looking to add more supercars and opulent limos to their already bulging collections.

The array of supercars was mesmerising. Aston’s DBS Volante, Bugatti’s Veyron Grand Sport, Lamborghini’s 570-4 Superleggera and the Lexus LF-A mixed it with more unusual exotica, such as the Veritas Rslll and Panther Six, and with classics dating right back to 1924, such as the Alfa Romeo RLTF. All viewed through the bottom of a champagne glass. Pure class!


Ferrari F50 – 1997

Personally i’m still a huge fan of the F40 i prefer it’s rawness.

Although the F50 does have a more inviting interior.

F40 enough said.

Rowan Atkinson’s the current and only owner of the McLaren F1

This Jaguar XK140 drop head coupe comes complete with model, it has no choice now.

Bugatti Type T46 Profilee 1931/Type 44 1930

Definately not my favourite of the Bugatti list but charming and unique all the same.

Maserati 250F – 1957

Now that’s what i call a Bugatti Veyron (Grand Sport if i’m being precise)

Not sure about the interior though bit garish for a million pound car. Unsurprisingly this was locked.

But this wasn’t. First siting of this in the flesh, i’ll have one of those please. Actually they tried to sell me one too.

Still a loud interior but better suited than the Veyron i feel. 

Probably one of the most unique looking cars at Salon Prive is it’s 2009 winner, the Veritas RSIII. It’s got a bit of a face on it mind, much like the missus will when you she realises the drivers side has been made to measure, and she doesn’t fit.