2014 Los Angeles auto show review A-Z

Published: 19 November 2014

Los Angeles auto show 2014: CAR magazine's preview 

The Los Angeles auto show opens on 19 November 2014 at the Convention Center in downtown LA. Here’s the CAR magazine preview, listing the full A-Z of all the new cars and debuts expected at the LA motor show. This is far from the finished list – we’ll be adding plenty more cars and updates in the coming days.

Find out more details on the official auto show website and stay tuned to our page here for more LA news, photos, galleries and analysis from Tinseltown. We’ll be tweeting live from the show, too, using the #laautoshow hashtag. Click on the headline links below for our full stories of the most important 2014 Los Angeles cars.

Audi's A9 concept car is teased ahed of LA

Audi A9 concept ushers in a new design direction for Audi

Audi A9 concept car
This is a major concept car for Audi, previewing a likely move upmarket with an A8-based hatchaloon. Think of the jump from A6 to A7 and you’re not far from the mark. Teaser image above.

Audi R8 Competition
A final swansong for the evergreen R8 supercar, this final edition takes inspiration from the R8 LMS racer and can sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.2sec.

Bentley Grand Convertible
Bit of a surprise here: Bentley has shamelessly ripped off the two-tone stainless steel effect bonnet effect from the Rolls Dropheads for its new Mulsanne cabrio. An LA world debut

BMW X5 M and X6 M
Yikes! This is what happens when luxury SUVs rumble into BMW’s fabled M division headquarters: £90k+ two-tonne behemoths developing a frankly scary 564bhp.

Cadillac ATS-V sedan and coupe
Caddy’s 3-series alternative has popped down the gym and worked out, with a twin-turbo V6 engine expected. Read our scoop here.

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo concept
Chevy’s designers have gone wild with this future-gazing racing car concept. Powered by laser beam (yes, really), it’s heading to a Playstation near you as part of the Gran Turismo game franchise

Chrysler 300C
A mid-life facelift and rejuvenation programme awaits Chrysler’s executive saloon. Modest stylistic and engineering upgrades are anticipated.

Fisker-Galpin Rocket
Former Aston design chief Henrik Fisker has teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports to show the Rocket muscle car at the 2015 Los Angeles auto show.

Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang
It’s the most powerful ‘Stang ever in the shape of the new GT350. A flat-plane crank V8 developing more than 500bhp and a serious makeover complete the picture. Proper ‘Stang muscle!

Honda FCV concept car
It’s the latest iteration of the hydrogen fuel-cell car from Honda – and what you see in showrooms in 2016 will look very close to this

Jaguar F-type AWD
Jag will use the LA show 2015 to unveil fully its four-wheel drive F-type, and a manual version is expected too. It’s part of an F-type range proliferation programme as Jag chases Porsche’s 911.

Jaguar F-type AWD, with Mazda CX-3 (top right) and BMW X6 M (inset bottom)

Jaguar F-type AWD (above left) with Mazda CX-3 (top right) and BMW X6 M (bottom right)

Lexus LF-C2 concept car
Concept shows new convertible version of RC range – featuring intriguing flying buttress rear styling. Expected to keep four seats, production likely.

Mazda CX-3
If the CX-5 has proven the silver bullet for Mazda, the CX-3 might be a titanium-tipped armour-piercing shell. Baby SUVs are selling rampantly – and the CX-3 is bang in the sweet spot.

Mercedes-Maybach S600
Maybach’s back from the dead! New top-end sub brand adorns the smartest S-classes, shown at LA in LWB stretched form for the first time.

Mercedes Vision G-Code
Los Angeles will play host to the new baby SUV concept car. Looks a bit Saaby, but shows how new baby 4×4 could slot into Merc range.

Porsche Cayenne GTS
We like Porsche’s GTS models. So applying the same logic to the Cayenne SUV range could provide a sweet spot of performance and specification.

Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series
Only 100 Panams in this top-end spec will be sold: each gets special rear-seat infotainment system, posh leather and goodies galore.

Toyota Mirai
It’s our first look inside the radical new Toyota hydrogen fuel-cell car. Can they possibly repeat the step-change game-changer they did in the 1990s with the Prius? Toyota wants to do the same with H2 cars…

Volvo V60 Cross Country
The original soft-roader pioneers sling the family waders on the V60 compact estate. Another LA show world debut.

VW Golf R Estate
A surprise 300bhp addition to the Golf wagon range: it’s got the full R treatment – bringing our favourite hot hatch a more practical edge

Under the covers: cars under wrap at LA auto show