Fiat at the Paris motor show 2008

Published: 03 October 2008

No new cars for Fiat at Paris, so the spotlight fell on environmental initiatives. A five-times life-size white Fiat 500 presided over a stand occupied entirely by pearl white 500s, Bravos, Sedicis, Cromas and Qubos. These cars were set on a Simpsons sky-like floor of blue and white over which the usual high quality of Fiat ladies strolled. If Fiat did heaven, it could look a lot like this.

Tell me more about these environmental initiatives

EcoDrive is a software application that plugs into Fiat’s so-called Blue&Me USB port and records all your environmental missteps – or otherwise. Then you simply unplug it and connect it to your laptop. An ecoIndex lets you analyse each journey while tutorials encourage more eco-responsible driving. There’s even an ecoVille where – yuuuuuk – ‘everyone can share interests and their commitment to an eco-responsible way of driving by accessing the site’. Fiat 500 and Grande Punto models are the first to use the software, while 2009 sees it extended to all cars equipped with Blue&Me.

But that leaves the initiative with the user and so will never work. The stuff that does the planet-saving for us – and therefore will work – is PUR-02, essentially Fiat jumping on the Bluetech/Bluemotion/Blue Lion bandwagon with start/stop, lower rolling-resistance tyres, low-viscosity fluids, aero packs and taller gear ratios. You’ll see the PUR-O2 badge on 500s, Bravos and Cromas from November 2007.

What else is new on the fiat stand?

It’s all outlined above, but it’s also well worth looking at the Abarth stand next door. There you’ll find an Abarth-fettled 500 and a full-on 500 racer complete with roll-cage, bucket seats and front splitter. Nice.

CAR’s verdict: Fiat at the Paris Motor Show

Not a must-see, but well worth a visit.

Fiats Paris motor show stand score: 3/5

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Paris motor show 2008


By Ben Barry

Contributing editor, sideways merchant, tyre disintegrator