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New Seat Ateca X-Perience concept showcases potential production car

Published: 22 September 2016 Updated: 29 September 2016

Seat Ateca X-Perience concept revealed
Paris-bound concept packs off-road upgrades
Claimed to show future range possibilities

Think you’re looking at a thinly veiled version of a future production car? You’re probably right. This, the new Seat Ateca X-Perience, reputedly demonstrates ‘the Ateca family’s possibilities and potential in the future.’

The vice president of Seat’s R&D department, Dr. Matthias Rabe, said: ‘With the Ateca X-Perience we can go beyond that which we already have in the series. It’s for the customer that wants to go further, taking it to the extreme, for weekend adventures, and of course, off-road.’

It looks a lot like a regular Ateca…

Admittedly not a huge amount has changed. The X-Perience version of the Ateca gets bespoke 18-inch wheels, black arch protectors and non-scratch paintwork – although, with regards to its paint, we suspect you might be able to demonstrate otherwise in the real world.

There have been some other tweaks and changes, too, including a sump guard, a more aggressive front bumper and fog light protectors. The upgrades are much the same as those that you’ll see on the current Leon X-Perience

Seat Ateca X-Perience

‘The colour has ended up being very important too,’ said Seat design director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanso. ‘We’ve chosen olive green matt, a natural colour that’s a little camouflaged, underlined with orange tones in the details that give it a more technical look.’

Inside, you’ll find a similarly earthy colour scheme, as well as X-Perience branding and protective rubber floor mats.

Does it get any more power, or any technical tricks?

No. The X-Perience is based on a top-spec 2.0-litre TDI 190 4Drive DSG variant of the Ateca. Its diesel engine pumps out 187bhp and 295lb ft, which is channelled to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Seat Ateca X-Perience

When will this arrive, if it makes production?

The regular Seat Ateca landed in dealerships earlier in September. So, it’s likely that the X-Perience – if there’s enough demand – would arrive in 2017, in an effort to help prop up interest in the Ateca.

We’ll find out more, however, when the new Ateca X-Perience is unveiled at the 2016 Paris motor show

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