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Renault's RS 2027 Vision concept car previews the future of F1

Published: 19 April 2017

► RS 2027 Vision concept car
► A look at tomorrow’s F1 tech
► Unveiled at 2017 Shanghai show

This car could be what F1 fans see whizzing around the race tracks of the world, if Renault is to be believed. This crazy creation is the Renault R.S. 2027 Vision Concept and, as the name implies, it previews what a grand prix racer could look like in a decade’s time.

It’s the latest in Renault’s suite of current concept cars, following in the dramatic tyre tracks of the Trezor electric sports car. And Paris confirms it’ll pioneer new tech that could transfer from track to showroom for customers’ benefit.

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So what does the RS 2027 Vision concept show off, then?

Well, one of the headlines is the addition of an autonomous mode to make racing safer, which may make some race fans twitch. Still, autonomous tech on board an F1 car could potentially eliminate any safety concerns for the human being cocooned beneath the super-strong polycarbonate canopy.

Renault R.S. 2027 Vision side

The hybrid F1 racer of the future also benefits from a full-electric mode to whizz through the pits, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and active aerodynamic parts similar to the DRS rear wing of today’s F1 racers. Plus, since it’s a Renault, the brand’s C-shaped headlights make an appearance.

The driver will get a few benefits, too: Renault wants a more ‘human-centric’ championship, so the R.S. Vision concept provides racing drivers of 2027 with a transparent cockpit and helmet so they can see more of the action.

Renault on the R.S. 2027 Vision concept

Over to Renault to explain the import of the 2027 crystal ball exercise: ‘The RS 2027 Vision embodies Renault’s vision of how Formula 1 might be in 10 years’ time – 2027 – based on its long experience of the sport as it prepares to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its involvement later this year.

Renault R.S. 2027 Vision old vs new

‘The new concept car also expresses the brand’s intention to be in the competition for the long-term. Indeed, Renault is eager to play a major role in shaping Formula 1’s evolution and to put drivers very much back at the heart of the sport.’

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By Jake Groves

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