Lexus LS+ concept prepares us for next-level tech

Published: 25 October 2017

► Lexus LS+ Concept
► Further development of new flagship
► More driver-aid technology to help you on your way

The Lexus LS+ made its debut at the 2017 Tokyo motor show, and it bristled with the latest autonomous technology in an attempt to take the tech initiative away from the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The driver aids in this concept are expected to reach the production Lexus LS by 2020.

In short, the LS+ introduces automatic lane-keeping, merging and overtaking on the highway – and it will also know when you’re joining or leaving the motorway. It also used car-to-car communications to keep abreast of traffic situations, and avoid dangerous situations.

Lexus’s name for this suite of technology is Highway Teammate, which mirrors much of what is already available in Mercedes-Benz and Audi’s systems, but the expansion of this technology to more manufacturers will improve road safety – something that Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa referred to when he unveiled the LS+ concept.

So, it’s semi-automomous, but tell us about its looks

Er, before we move on, it’s worth noting that the live data updates that it takes for traffic and road condition updates will also be used to make sure that all of the car’s systems are up to date – rather like your computer or smartphone. Let’s hope there aren’t too many updates, and it doesn’t slow down after each one.

In terms of styling, it’s a sharp-looking thing, this Lexus. It heralds the beginning of another design evolution of the Lexus’s L-finesse design philosophy, with the spindle grille gaining a shutter mechanism to optimise cooling.

Those headlamps and rear lights now use lasers, and the rear view mirrors are now electronic – for a more consisten view.

Lexus LS+ Concept at Tokyo 2017

By Keith Adams

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