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Ferrari Approved

Published: 16 January 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Buying a Ferrari – if you have the money not exactly a method of torture in the first place – has just improved. Second-hand models sold through Ferrari UK’s 15-strong dealer network are set to be backed up by Ferrari Approved, a scheme adding some piece of mind to anyone buying a car up to nine years old.

Aiming to sidestep the stereotype of unreliable Italian cars, it means the average 900 pre-owned supercars Ferrari UK dealers sells each year are intended to be as good as new. The company says each car will go through a similar preparation to a car that is factory fresh, while Ferrari Approved is also designed the combat the rapidly increasing number of used Ferrari sold outside of official Ferrari channels.

A 190-point inspection and a mileage and identity check make sure the car does as it promises, with only genuine Ferrari parts used on any defects that are found. You also get a years warranty and breakdown cover to cover any unforeseen eventualities.  A check on any outstanding finance also makes sure you aren’t buying the car because the previous owner couldn’t.

Having passed their inspections, cars eligible to be sold as Ferrari Approved are those that are less than nine years old and with mileage below 56,000. They must also be free from third party modification. But even if the dream Ferrari you buy is nine years old on the day of purchase, it’ll have cover through until its tenth birthday.

Cars covered range from early 360 Modenas to the current 599 GTB, with rarities like the 550 Barchetta convertible also included in the scheme. Happy shopping.