Nissan GT-R beats the Germans – again!

Published: 22 January 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

Prospective buyers of the Nissan GTR have another reason to brag over their German competitors thanks to the latest residual value figures released by CAP Monitor.

After 12 months or 10,000 miles, independent used car valuation data provider CAP Monitor predicts the new GTR will be worth 84% of its new list price. This puts the latest Godzilla incarnation well ahead of rivals from Porsche, Audi and BMW.

CAP forecasts that a Porsche 911 Carrera will cling onto just 68% of its value after the first year of ownership, which may dent the German’s pride just that tiny bit more in light of the battle between Porsche and Nissan at the Nurburgring in 2008.

Buying a BMW M3 or M5 will see up to 40% of the value disappear in the first year, says CAP, while even the brilliant Audi R8 is playing catch-up with Nissan; it retains 73% of the showroom tag after 12 months. 

By Gareth Evans

Contributor, historic racer and now working on two wheels for our motorcycling titles as head of digital.