CAR's Cannonball: charging across US with Brock Yates

Published: 20 January 2011

Updated: 13/08/2012 -  Full Cannonball article available here

CAR is recreating the Cannonball. Together with Brock Yates Jr – who competed in the original ’71 event with his father (and Cannonball founder) Brock Yates – our man Matt Jones has commandeered a Mopar Dodge Challenger to speed across the United States.

It’s a six-day, 4126-mile epic adventure that sees Matt arrested on terrorism charges, run from the cops and nearly crash. It’s so big that we couldn’t squeeze it into just one issue. Part one of our Cannonball re-run appeared in the January 2011 issue of CAR, and you can find a digital copy of the feature below. Like what you read? Then you’ll find part two in the new February 2011 issue of CAR, out now.