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Used cars: how to buy a second-hand Audi RS2 Avant (1994-95)

Published: 07 September 2012 Updated: 01 February 2015

RS2 Audi’s Quattro division was formed in 1983, but Chairman Mao wouldn’t have been impressed by the work ethic: it took until 1990 before an ‘S’ model appeared, and another four years for the first RS to arrive.

The Audi 80 Avant underpinnings were humble, but with help from Porsche the RS2 was transformed into an über-estate that could hit 30mph quicker than a McLaren F1. The turbocharged five-cylinder engine and red brake calipers proudly wear the Porsche name, Stuttgart’s sports cars donated alloys and doors mirrors, and the inspiration for the huge rear light bar (which you expect to pulsate like KITT) is obvious.

Turbo lag means the power takes more time to arrive than a Boris Johnson reply but from 3500rpm the RS2 is genuinely fast – and there’s no tyre scrabble thanks to the Quattro system. It made estates cool, having children suddenly appealed, and something special was started: it’s the reason there are five chunky silhouettes on the pages before you. Hurrah for bootspace.
Just 2881 RS2s were ever built – with a mere 182 officially coming to the UK – so the pool of cars is small if you want one today. Most boast over 100k miles but still cost at least £10k. Thankfully, according to Sunny Bhamra, service manager at Audi specialist Fontain Motors, besides corrosion damage, the need for an oil change every year or 10,000 miles, and the general wear expected on a car over a decade old, there are no surprises to be wary of. This is the ur-RS.





Engine 2226cc 20v turbo 5-cyl, 311bhp @ 6500rpm, 302lb ft @ 3000rpm Transmission 6-spd manual, 4wd Performance 4.8sec 0-62mph, 163mph, 18.8mpg Original UK price (1994) £45,705


One we found: RS2 Avant, 1995, 110k miles, RHD, Polar Silver, FSH, 12 months’ MoT, four months’ tax, private. Trade £11,500








By Ben Pulman

Ex-CAR editor-at-large