Video: Martin Brundle thrashes the McLaren P1 GTR | CAR Magazine

Video: Martin Brundle thrashes the McLaren P1 GTR

Published: 18 August 2015 Updated: 25 August 2015

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► See Martin Brundle thrash the McLaren P1 GTR 

The new September 2015 issue of CAR magazine has a treat in store for Anglophile car enthusiasts: we count down our 25 British cars to drive before you die. It’s an eye-watering collection of metal with a combined value of many millions of pounds.

F1’s Martin Brundle dropped in to help test one of the most expensive – and extreme: the ballistic McLaren P1 GTR. Watch our backstage video above to hear his thoughts on this high-tech hypercar with more power than Lewis Hamilton’s current Formula One racer. ‘The P1 is definitely digital where the McLaren F1 is analogue,’ notes the former grand prix driver of Woking’s 986bhp techfest.  

It’s just one of the 25 Brit heroes we gathered for our memorable covershoot. The magazine is on sale now – and don’t forget to vote to find readers’ bucket list-topping choice in our #BritCarBucketList poll below.

#BritCarBucketList: CAR magazine's top 50 British cars

This special issue features unique drives of the latest brilliant Brits – Lotus Evora 400 and Aston Martin GT12 blasting through Wales, Brundle in the McLaren P1 GTR, Ariel vs Radical vs Caterham – as well as reliving the sensations of landmark British models, from the original Mini Cooper S to the Jaguar E-type, the savage TVR Sagaris to the soon-to-expire Land Rover Defender, with the odd McLaren F1, Bentley Blower, MGB and Lotus Carlton thrown in for good measure. Highlights include:

  • The big blast New Lotus Evora 400 and Aston Martin Vantage GT12 twin drive
  • Comeback king! We meet the man reviving Brit icon TVR – and drive his Sagaris
  • Adventure Farewell drive in Defender final edition and Series 1 Land Rover
  • Martin Brundle Mr F1 drives McLaren P1 GTR for CAR
  • Track car triple test Ariel Atom 3.5R vs Radical RXC Turbo vs Caterham 620R
  • New vs used Range Rover – or used Rolls-Royce Phantom for the same cash
  • PLUS! Industry big-hitters name their favourite Brit icons

Flying the flag for British cars: Lotus, Morgan and Land Rover

Which would you most like to drive from our shortlist? We hope you’ll have your say in our poll and comments below…

Read all about these great cars in the new September 2015 issue of CAR magazine – on sale now!

Saying goodbye to the original Land Rover. It's CAR's #BritCarBucketList

By Tim Pollard

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