Uh-oh. A survey has revealed the nation’s perfectly styled car – and it’s horrible

Published: 16 October 2015

► Survey researches Brits’ favourite car design
► This composite image is the result
► Part Triumph Spitfire, part Evoque, all crazy 

This mutant is the result of a new survey of Britain’s favourite car designs, believe it or not. Insurance giant Privilege commissioned a university academic to research what aspects of car styling we like and which we loathe.

The most popular design elements, according to the 2004 adults questioned, were apparently:

  • Best front-end styling Aston Martin DB9
  • Best side profile Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Best rear end Triumph Spitfire
  • Best headlamps Mini Cooper
  • Best rear lights Audi A1
  • Best doors Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Best wheels Range Rover Evoque
  • Best mirrors Citroen C4 Picasso

Which just goes to show that these sorts of surveys are mostly pure tosh. We just hope that Professor Peter Hancock of the University of Stirling, who analysed 3800 data points from the survey to create this composite image, is never let loose anywhere near a car design studio.

By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, motoring news magnet