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Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull F1 car vs Bath Rugby’s forwards

Published: 01 February 2016 Updated: 01 February 2016

► 800bhp versus eight men
► A scrum down with a difference
► Ricciardo vs Bath Rugby forwards

It’s horsepower vs human power, and slick tyres versus studded boots, in another equal parts stylish and absurd promo vid from Red Bull Racing.

Perma-smiley F1 star Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull’s world championship-winning RB8 (adapted with a particularly un-aerodynamic-looking nose) squared up to eight of Bath Rugby’s finest in a unique scrum down at the club’s Farleigh House training ground. You can watch the tyre-smoking result in the video above.

‘I didn’t quite understand what they wanted to do at first, I was like, “How do you do that?”’ said Ricciardo. ‘But obviously now that I’ve seen it, I think it’s really cool. To be in the car with all these big scary guys trying to push me back, it’s quite cool.’

Incidentally, Ricciardo’s punt with the rugby ball at the end of the film was a little too well-aimed; the camera ‘looked decidedly second-hand after the contact,’ says the Red Bull media team. ‘But the Bath Rugby players enjoyed it – and Daniel offered to pay for repairs…’

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo and Bath Rugby

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer