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Gallery: BMW M2 is the 2016 MotoGP safety car

Published: 12 February 2016 Updated: 12 February 2016

► 2016 MotoGP safety car is a BMW M2
► Flashy gold colour theme, aero tweaks
► BMW’s MotoGP deal extends to 2020

BMW is the official car partner of the MotoGP world championship, and this year has a heavily hyped new performance car to promote in the shape of the new BMW M2. So, meet the 2016 season’s very logical (and very fun-looking) BMW M2 Moto GP safety car.

Nice. What’s the spec?

Adjustable coilover suspension, carbon ceramic brakes and a few minor aero upgrades: extra carbon blades on the front bumper and side skirts, a deeper rear diffuser and an adjustable rear wing.

There’s some kind of King Midas theme going on too, with blingy gold used for the wing’s supports, the wheels, rollcage and even inserts on the steering wheel.

There’s no mention of engine upgrades, but with 365bhp as standard it won’t be slow. As well as throwing away the rear seats, BMW’s done the same with the exhaust silencers; MotoGP’s course cars have a history of using shoutier exhausts to please the crowds and sound good on TV.

The safety car is the result of a ten-week build, with work beginning at BMW’s factory in October 2015. The M2 production car goes on sale in the UK in April 2016.

Read an in-depth walkaround of the BMW M2 at M Division HQ from CAR magazine’s January issue here on CAR+

No fancy tech like last year’s M4 safety car, then?

Not to the same extent; last season’s MotoGP safety car was a spectacular M4 evolution, with an experimental water-injected turbo system. CAR’s Georg Kacher drove it – click here for his track test review.

BMW has signed with MotoGP promoters Dorna Sports to continue supplying course cars up to 2020, so there’ll be a few more to come yet. Watch a video promo for the new M2 safety car below:

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer