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Not your average car showroom: Bugatti opens flagship store in London

Published: 26 July 2016 Updated: 26 July 2016

► Bugatti reopens flagship London store
► HR Owen dealership in Mayfair
► How to see the Chiron in London

Bugatti has relaunched its flagship London dealership with a makeover – and the high-octane draw of the new Chiron hypercar. The UK remains one of the biggest markets for the French supercar maker, with 65 Veyrons owned here and 15 orders placed for its successor.

The HR Owen Bugatti dealership is now dedicated to one brand, rather than being a shared site, and has been decked out in Bugatti’s trademark electric blue.

One of the big draws to the showroom in Bruton Street, Mayfair, is the UK’s first Chiron. This is the only place you can officially order one in the Britain, according to the company.

A showroom furnished with Bugatti furniture

Naturally, if you’re paying millions for a car you’d expect rather more than instant coffee and a copy of yesterday’s Daily Mail. HR Owen has fitted its London showroom with the very best Bugatti-branded furniture and artwork. The armchairs are even crafted from the same leather and carbonfibre as the Chiron.

Sounds like the competition to own Britain’s poshest dealership just got a few degrees hotter…

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By Tim Pollard

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