Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ May 2016 | CAR Magazine

Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ May 2016

Published: 01 April 2016 Updated: 22 April 2016

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1) An Englishman’s home

Moved to Michigan, felt homesick, so thought I would build a castle, put up a St George flag and relax reading the best car magazine in the world – what more can a man ask for?

John Hurle

2) Little Sitting Bull

My name is Bor and my daddy bought me a LamBORghini for my 1st birthday. Bulls in the magazine are quite nice, but they’ve got nothing on my new ride.

Mitja Zerjav

3) E-Type legend

I was enjoying a drive through the Cotswolds in my old Porsche 928 when I spotted this in a farmyard. It’s a 1962 Jaguar E-type 3.8 Semi-lightweight being prepped for Goodwood.

James Dennison

4) The Blue Lagoon

Whilst visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland I couldn’t think of any better way of relaxing in the warm natural waters than by reading CAR whilst all around me was -5degC.

John Walsh

5) Storm chasing

Canberra wine country, Australia, just before the thunderstorm. The flock of birds suggests we should get a move on.

Eric Chen

6) MX-5 generations

When I saw the space between the Mk2 and Mk4 MX-5 on my way out of the work car park I couldn’t help but pull up in my Mk3.

kevin O’Flynn

7) 200mph non-starter

It was apparent that trying to replicate your Bentley vs Outback article in a Toyota Etios on the Klein Karoo, South Africa wasn’t going to work.

John Reay

8) Beats sunbathing!

As a Canadian I appreciate warm weather, and anytime I can read my favourite mag at the same time is great. Here I am on Palm Beach Aruba.

Piero Fusco

9) Supercar commuter

This Porsche 918 is a regular commuter into the centre of Edinburgh. Hats off to the guy for not parking it up in some woolly lined garage.

Mike Dowie

10) MX-5 racers assemble

Three newly delivered Global MX-5 Cup cars, builds number 8, 17 & 28, at Motorsports Ranch, Houston, Texas, undertaking pre-season testing. 

Tim Probert

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