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Richard Hammond hurt in bike crash while filming The Grand Tour

Published: 20 March 2017 Updated: 20 March 2017

Richard Hammon on a Triumph

► Richard Hammond hurt in bike shunt
► Grand Tour host shaken but not harmed 
► 11 years on from his brush with death 

Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond was injured when he came off a bike in filming for the TV series.

The accident happened in Mozambique, Africa and he was knocked unconscious, according to newspaper reports. 

Hammond on his bike crash

Hammond admitted to extensive – although unspecified injuries – in a blog on Drivetribe. ‘It’s true, I did fall off a motorbike whilst filming recently for The Grand Tour in Mozambique. I banged my head, yes, along with pretty much everything else apart from my left thumb, which remains un-bruised.

‘Can’t tell you more yet about the how and why of it; that’s all for later in the year on the show. As for injuries; well put it this way, I don’t think I can get a book out of it.’

Clarkson on Hammond’s off

Co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson told The Sun newspaper: ‘He really did hurt himself quite badly.’

It’s 11 years since Hammond nearly died when a Top Gear TV stunt in a jet-powered car went wrong; he received extensive brain injuries but went on to make a full recovery.

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Clarkson, Hammond and May on The Grand Tour

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