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Five-year-old stopped by police on way to buy a Lambo

Published: 07 May 2020

► Five-year old goes on a joy ride
► To buy a Lmaborghini
► With £2.43

Did you have a poster of a Lamborghini on your wall as a kid? Well, this kid is so keen on Lambos that he pinched his parent’s car to drive thousands of kilometres to buy one. Oh, and he’s five.

According to Utah highway patrol officers, the young chap was stopped on an interstate highway, where he told officers he was heading to California to buy himself one of Italy’s finest.

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Problem is – not just the fact that he’s five, and technically in a stolen car – that California is some 746 miles away from Utah…

Officers noticed the SUV on one of America’s biggest highways just outside Ogden, driving in a manner that the officer involved described as ‘impaired’. Probably because our hero really couldn’t see over the steering wheel.

However, he obeyed the officer’s directions to pull over, where the whole sordid tale was revealed. You can see the tweet here. 

You see, his mum said he couldn’t have a Lamborghini, so while she was out, he grabbed all his cash, pinched mum’s keys to the family SUV and made a break for the coast. His financials? A whole three dollars, around £2.43. How far did he get? About 5 miles.

Apparently the young fella – tall for his age, you’d suggest – perched himself on the edge of the seat to drive, and held the brake during the stop, where the state trooper helped him to engage P. For Punished? Pop’s Going To Ground You?

It looks like the police will go easy on this real-life baby driver, but both he and his parents were interviewed by Ogden County cops. We’re pretty sure that the state troopers are the LEAST of our hero’s problems.

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