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Plymouth Fury - Christine

Published: 20 October 2008

Ranking: 31      

Year of release: 1983

The car: A bright red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury – with supernatural powers.

Why it’s special: Just look at it. This is a time when Chrysler group cars were beautiful.

Best bit: What’s not to like about a Plymouth Fury that takes it upon itself to chase bullies and baddies in and out of their blue Camaro?

Pub fact: One of the three surviving Plymouth Fury stunt cars is kept in England (the other two are in California and Florida).

Plot overview: School misfit Arnie Cunningham falls under the influence of a sleek, red, murderous '50s Plymouth Fury, a supernaturally-empowered car which regenerates itself when trashed and enjoys tormenting its victims with blasts of rock 'n' roll. Very of-its-time horror that is pretty ordinary but does the job.

For: We can’t think of many horror films that star a car.

Against: Whoever thought of tormenting people with rock ‘n’ roll?

CAR verdict: Why can’t all cars regenerate?

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By Ged Maxwell

Contributor, steady of helm, firm of view