Pontiac Firebird 'Kitt'- Knight Rider

Published: 20 October 2008

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Ranking: 14       

Year of release: 1982-86

The car: Kitt had several iterations, but the most memorable was the Pontiac Firebird driven by the big-bouffed David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff. This was the very essence of Eighties kitsch. The hairstyles were big, and so were the car chases.

Why it’s special: Knight Industries Two Thousand – KITT – was every schoolboy’s dream companion. What’s not to like about that flashing red heartbeat in the bonnet and synthesiser?

Best bit: KITT enjoyed artificial intelligence that actually worked. If only voice recognition systems worked so well 20 years on…

Pub fact: GPS company Mio Technology is launching a sat-nav with the voice of KITT (William Daniels) providing instructions.

Plot overview: The Hoff takes on the baddies. With KITT’s help, he wins. The End.

For: The anthropomorphic KITT

Against: David Hasselhoff

CAR verdict: The TV show that refuses to die – a new series airs this autumn

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